page_engThe documentary ‘THRILLED TO KNOW – autism and higher education’ is an initiative of Artevelde University College Ghent that aims to sensitise lecturers, professors, student counsellors, students and parents by informing them about the specific needs of students with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in both the transition to, and in higher education itself.

In the documentary (30 minutes) six (former) students with ASD talk freely about the challenges and difficulties they face(d) in the transition to higher education and during the course of their study. Their experiences are contextualised by linking them to scientific observations and current research. Additionally, a parent and an employer reflect on their experiences with (former) students with ASD.

We hope that this documentary will inspire educational institutions to take a measured and personalised approach in the support of each student with ASD, so that he or she is able to receive sufficient opportunities and encouragement to develop his or her abilities and talents.

You can already watch the preview here and visit the website containing the documentary and additional information from Tuesday, February 4th 2014 onwards.